Like A Prayer hoodie at Supreme NY:


I NEED THIS BUT 128$???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????ẞ

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Here is an article explaining it as well.

Please amplify their voices, please pay attention.

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ah yes, its almost halloween. 

Ohh!!!!!!! <333

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Why selfies are important: a quick overview →




  • Self-care: they give you the opportunity to feel good about yourself, which can be a boost at any time, and can be life saving at the worst of times.
  • Encourages body positivity: reminds ourselves and others that beauty shouldn’t be defined by white, thin, able-bodied…

Pushes our narcisissitic generation

I really dont know how appreciating ourselves “pushes our narcissistic generation”. Actually I don’t even know how selfies itself are narcissistic - imagine people complaining about self portraits?
Also I dont believe that selfies are a product of narcissism.
I still think that self care, representation of people other than thin, able-bodied, white, cis male and create general diversion on (mostly social) medias are super good, even if that would cause some kind of narcissism.

And I wouldn’t like to say our generation is more narcissistic than the previous one that brought us up - as well as the previous generation is in power which is the generation who occupies Palestine, illegalizing immigration, victim blaming, maintaining poverty, makes profit out of war and suffering, systematically kills animals out of pleasure etc…

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Ass appreciation👄

I’m bored ………………………………………………………..

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grrau <33

..and then again, “a different person”? Sure. The annoying thing about people is, that to have an opinion, you have to actually invest so many hours on getting to know them. Otherwise they’re just walking meat things that fill the air with “blah blah blah”.

Pretty or ugly. Change the looks often or always look the same. Most people are incredibly boring anyway. Meat and “blah blah”. BLAAAAAAAAAAAH. Films are better, the shit has been filtered out, and you just get the few essential drops of humanity you need. Ahh!

HIFF is over, and I missed almost everything :((

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holy mary mother of god give us dolls 

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